Anahata Yoga Retreat

Anahata Yoga Retreat in New Zealand's South Island, provides an experience of yogic living in the midst of native bush and expansive ocean views of Golden Bay. It is a residential eco friendly, yoga retreat offering nightly to monthly stays, private yoga training, daily and weekly programs and ongoing retreats. The environment fosters personal growth and deep relaxation with individualized practices to create a balanced and inspired life. As part of the wider network of the Satyananda Yoga® tradition and offering Yoga Solutions for Life, Anahata's influence stretches worldwide through international programs and seminars.

Be in the kNOW

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We have just received our latest shipment of books from India!

Takaka Events
Awakening Awareness with Yoga
at The Sandcastle, Pohara
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With Swami Kriyaratna & Sn Mangalananda 

Date: Saturday 20 December, 2014    to  Saturday 20 December, 2014  
Workshop and Summer Solstice Celebrations
Yoga workshop, fire ceremony, kirtan and summer solstice celebrations!

Anahata Events
Creating Change
New Year's Retreat
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With Swamis Karma Karuna & Kriyaratna & Sn Mangalananda 

Date: Wednesday 31 December, 2014    to  Sunday 04 January, 2015  
Prepare the foundation and plant a seed for the New Year with practical tools of Yoga and Meditation. Invite positive change into your life learning how to progressively nurture your resolutions to grow, flower and bear fruits.

Anahata Events
Managing the Mind and Emotions
Antar Darshan Retreat
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With Swami Karma Karuna 

Date: Friday 16 January, 2015    to  Sunday 18 January, 2015  
In order to manage the emotional upheavals there is the practice of antar darshan. For thought we have antar mouna, inner silence, and for emotion we have antar darshan, vision of the inner self.

These are the meditative techniques which can help us to gradually recognize the associations of the mind and to harmonize them.

Anahata Events
All Your Soul Needs!
Yoga Buffet
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With Anahata Teachers & Residents 

Date: Wednesday 24 September, 2014    to  Thursday 30 July, 2015  
Every Wednesday at Anahata
Delve into a buffet of yoga practices and techniques to enhance your life!


Takaka Events
Ongoing classes - every Monday
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With Anahata Teacher  

Date: Thursday 09 January, 2014    to  Wednesday 16 December, 2015  
and Kirtan 'n Chai 3rd Friday of every month
Local yoga classes in Takaka every week. Stretch body and mind...

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"There is no noise in the world. There is no peace in the Himalayas.
Both are within you"

Paramahamsa Satyananda

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