Swami Karma Karuna is spiritual director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, a Yoga Australia senior teacher and certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapy.
With more than 25 years experience, she has taught in varying settings, including therapeutic and social areas, teacher’s trainings and spiritual retreats, sharing her expertise on a variety of topics.
Passionate about her own personal growth, Swami Karma Karuna spends significant time in India yearly as well as teaching internationally, imparting simple and powerful techniques for transformation. She has also released several guided yoga and meditation CDs.

Session 1: Yoga Nidra Yogic Recharge (90 minutes)
Relax and recharge your entire system with “Yoga Nidra” or Yogic Sleep. With a 30 minute Yoga Nidra equivalent to three-four hours of deep sleep, this proven relaxation technique will leave you feeling grounded, rested and rejuvenated.
Explore the different stages of the practice and how they work on the body, mind and prana as well as the therapeutic effects of Yoga Nidra for different needs such as insomnia, anxiety, stress related conditions, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and more.

Session 2: The Joy of Being (90 minutes)
"There is no peace in the Himalayas and no noise in the city, both are within you."
Joy is an inner quality accessible to all. Join Swami Karma Karuna for an inspirational talk and meditation practice to inspire the development of presence and inner joy.
The attitude of the ‘witness” is rooted in the Tantric tradition and allows us to use all experiences of life to release negativity whilst simultaneously awakening expansive qualities of inner freedom. As the mind becomes lighter, positivity and joy emerge naturally.

Session 3: Nourish Yourself (90 minutes)
Ever feel like you are JUST getting through each day? Never quite enough time to do everything AND feel truly alive? Feeling exhausted or constantly wired or over-stimulated?
Nourish your self with a practical yoga class designed to enhance the relaxation response. This is an important key to healthy organs, optimal endocrine system, balanced weight, mental and emotional clarity and equanimity.
Experience spaciousness and simplicity in action. Explore conscious breath and receive inspirational takeaways for daily life.

Session 4: Explore the Third Eye- Presence, Focus and Intuition (90 minutes)
Theory, Hatha Yoga and Meditation to access Ajna Chakra - the third eye - also called the command centre. Learn how to enhance clarity, focus, and intuition. Awaken the witness awareness.
The energy centre of Ajna chakra, once developed and purified by practices of yoga and meditation, ultimately enables us to receive inspiration and knowledge from deep within. Intuitive insights transcend all mental processes and are simply a feeling or a vision that we know is just right.
These qualities help us to manifest our personal vision, move through daily life with ease and navigate the spiritual path.

Sn Atmabhava came to yoga for the health benefits and the practical and scientific methods immediately made a strong impression on him. He spent 10 years living the yogic lifestyle and teaching yoga, meditation and chanting at Anahata Yoga Retreat. Now resident in Wellington, Chris works therapeutically in Rimutaka prison and mental health sectors and continues to share on a variety different topics in workshops and weekend retreats around New Zealand

Session 1: Yoga for the Digestive System (90 minutes)
Ancient Yogis understood that good digestion is key to radiant health. Experience yoga techniques to strengthen and restore the digestive process. Learn yoga diet and Nutrition principles and understand the relationship between Mind, Stress and Digestion. Find balance and reclaim your vitality.

Session 2: Master Your Self by Giving to Others (90 minutes)
Serve, Love, Give… The Social Application of Yoga
Yoga is a tool of transformation. With that transformed Self, you can show up for others and be of service. Seva or Selfless service is an opportunity to give, without expectation for the the upliftment of those in need. This is the real yoga.
And just as asana influences the body, seva influences the personality. We can begin to understand the mind and relate differently with it.
To discover real joy in life and find purpose serve others. It’s not enough just to stretch the hamstrings. Open your heart and purify your mind.

Session 3: Kirtan Stage
Details to come

Session 4: The Power of Sound (90 minutes)
Details to come

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