The turning of the seasons can be a time to turn inwards and gather strength from the experiences of life.  It is a powerful time to clear away what is complete and open space for a way of being that is more attuned to, and nurturing of, the growing awareness/consciousness within.

Planetary energies are aligned at this time to make it auspicious for the Sadhana (practices for transformation) of Navaratri.  Mantra and sacred fire ritual are some of the tools used to help carry us, with ease, into meditation states.  Repetition of sacred sounds in the language of Sanskrit, create a resonance which helps to bring the whole body-mind system into balance and harmony with itself and the universe.  

Over these eight days of practice, we open to the deep source of our capacity to make change, allow material and spiritual abundance, and touch our infinite creativity, as we celebrate and honour these higher aspects of ourselves.

This retreat offers opportunity to increase capacity for:

  • One-pointed awareness through mantra practice, yantra meditation and sacred fire ceremony (havan)
  • Observation of the mind to give space for deeper contentment and stillness with periods of silence (to allow the awareness to turn inward)
  • Balance on all dimensions of being with practices of asana (postures), pranayama (to expand the vital energy), Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, and meditation in action with the practice of Karma Yoga
  • Enjoying the simplicity and nourishment of balanced nutritious vegetarian meals
  • Deepening connection with the beauty of nature in the majestic natural environment of Anahata

This uplifting retreat will be led by Sannyasin Atmavidya and the Anahata team.

Sn Atmavidya honours the great wisdom traditions. Sn Atmavidya loves to share ancient practices of Yoga and Meditation that continue to help unfold the natural inherent goodness, wisdom, beauty, harmony, kindness and delight in our lives. She facilitates easeful discovery of the different ways that practices can be experienced, to liberate energy for well-being of body, mind and spirit.

She has depth of experience in the teaching of yoga and meditation in yoga centres, ashrams, retreats, primary, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, businesses, Not For Profit and rehabilitation organisations, mainly in New Zealand. She is affiliated in her practice with Bihar Yoga in India, has given service, and received the opportunity to learn in ashrams in New Zealand, Australia, Munger and Rikhia in India. Atmavidya has been a student of yoga and meditation for the last 27 years.

Start Time: from 5pm Sunday - arrival/registration
Finish Time: 11am Monday
Complimentary pick up: Sunday 18th March 5.45pm Takaka I-site
Complimentary drop off: Monday 26th March 11am back to Takaka I-site



Payment is for 8 nights
Full Price: NZ$795
Camping: NZ$715

Early Bird: If full payment made by 16th February 2018 10% discount (use promo code EB10 on booking form)

Prices include shared accommodation, all meals and the full retreat programme.
Limited private room options are available, to find out more, please email us directly.

Part stays are available, but full stays are recommended.

Private sessions with a Swami/teacher are available by appointment:

For more information, a booking form and payment information please email yoga at or call 03 5259887.

Contact us directly for bookings yoga at or phone 03 525 9887