Welcome the New Year in an inspiring yoga environment to relax, reflect and reconnect with yourself and nature. Discover your innate resolutions inviting positive change and direction into your life.

Anahata Yoga Retreat provides a supportive yogic environment allowing you the opportunity for clarity, transformation and identifying with the deeper aspects of your personality. Set your New Year’s positive resolution into motion utilizing SWAN theory (exploring strengths, weaknesses, aims and needs) and use powerful yogic techniques such as sankalpa (intentions), Havan (ancient fire ceremony), yoga classes, meditation and deep relaxation practices to create practical change, affirmation and direction within your life.

• Daily Hatha Yoga classes
• Sitting and walking meditations
• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation meditation)
• Practical tools to help understand your mind & personality
• Planting seeds for positive transformation
• Kirtan (mantra & music)
• Time for reflection and reconnection
• Havan (fire ceremony) to connect with nature

Registration: 9:00am on Friday, 29 December, 2017
Finish: 11am Tuesday, 2 January, 2018

See below for New Years Eve Only options.

Swami Karma Karuna, founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, NZ, is an engaging, intuitive yoga teacher with more than 25 years of training and experience. She specialises in therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga nidra relaxation and prank practices and shares in a simple and practical way, inspiring people to access and apply yogic practices in their own lives.

Sannyasin Atmabhava - was a long-time resident of Anahata Yoga Retreat and now teaches in Wellington. He came to yoga because of health reasons and the practical and scientific methods immediately made a strong impression. He is a living example of how health can be transformed through yoga. His passion is in sharing the simple and readily accessible practices that bring about transformation with specific interests in Yogic Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra and Kirtan.



4 nights, shared accommodation with meals and all retreat inclusions

Standard price: NZ$495
Super Early Bird price: 15% discount if paid in full by 30th October, 2017
Early Bird price: 10% discount if paid in full by 29th November, 2017
Use Promo Code SEB15 for Super Early Bird and EB10 for Early Bird on the bookings page
Camping option: NZ$455

A discounted rate of $50 applies for the night before the retreat begins - Thurs 28th Dec.
Prices include shared accommodation, all meals and the opportunity to attend daily sessions.
Limited private room options are available, to find out more, please email us directly.

New Years Eve Only option - You have the option of joining us for the New Year’s Eve Celebration for a candle ceremony, chanting (kirtan) and a fire ceremony (havan). From 8pm to 12.30am - $25 pp.

Or join us for a Setting New Years Intention session, Hatha Yoga session, meditation, dinner and the evening program as above. From 3.30pm to 12.30am - $75 pp.
Bring your tent and stay the night for $50 pp extra.
Please RSVP or call or email for further details.

Private yoga and therapeutic consultations, bodywork and nutritional guidance are available by appointment - please email yoga at

For more information, a booking form and payment information please email yoga at or call 03 5259887.