What is Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga helps us to learn how to observe our thoughts, feelings and actions. We learn how to deepen our awareness, to observe our actions and choose to act skillfully rather than react in habitual ways. This helps us to build the inner strength that enables us to manage ourselves under any conditions. We learn how to manage emotional expression and let go of the obsessions that can keep us clinging to our negativities.

With the attitude of the witness, we learn to observe our behaviour: our reactions; our perfectionism; our rushing, our pushing, our reactions to praise and blame. We learn how to develop non-attachment leading to a more natural and happier outlook in our life.

Anahata is looking for Karma Yogis wanting to develop these kinds of qualities through our Karma Yoga Programme.

The cost for living at Anahata as a Karma Yogi is $189 per week/$29 per day, and this includes:

If you are interested in becoming a Karma Yogi with us, please email us at yoga at anahata-retreat.org.nz

Yogic Life Skills Program

Looking to immerse yourself in a healthier, more conscious environment while gaining skills?

Establish new patterns and release old limitations in our 4-week Yogic Life Skills program.
Opportunities for reflection, to connect with a simpler way of living and a break from the modern lifestyle.
…and more

 Program Structure:

Week 1: Explore Your ‘Self’ Retreat participant
These are held monthly. Participate in our foundational retreat, with an introduction to a broad range of yogic tools, perspectives, and lifestyle
Week 2: Yogic Lifestyle Intro Week (Half-day karma yoga, half-day personal time to explore and process; experience helping out in different areas)
Weeks 2-4: Karma Yogi Integration Weeks (Karma Yoga hrs.) Become fully integrated in the retreat operations with a supported transition to service with expanding skills, roles and responsibilities.
Weeks 2-4 include: a weekly theme, group check-in with a centre teacher, and guided self-study.

 Opportunities to extend your stay as a Karma Yogi or Sevak after program end if spaces available.  Contact us for details or enquire during the program.
 Program Total Investment: $1445 (shared accommodation)
Maximum 5 spaces per 4 week session start.
Email us for more info or to arrange a start time