Explore transformative yogic practices to increase vital energy and stoke and balance the digestive fire. Delve into manipura chakra, to catalyse growth and evolution. The navel centre is the key to physical health, personal power and the storehouse of vital energy. Light your inner fire with yoga, breath, energy locks, meditation practice and deep relaxation.

Learn theory and practice to fire up and balance your digestive system, and your core, physically and energetically. Gain insights into modern nutritional ideas and enjoy yoga practices to strengthen and balance your digestive system.

From this knowledge you will gain other benefits such as:

Learn yoga and meditation practices, including

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Swami Karma Karuna: founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat in Golden Bay is an engaging, intuitive yoga teacher with more than 25 years of training and experience. She specialises in therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga nidra relaxation, prana and chakra practices including guiding yearly Chakra Sadhana courses in India. She teaches around the globe in a simple and practical way, inspiring people to access and apply yogic practices in their own lives.

Sannyasin Atmabhava: came to yoga because of health reasons, and the practical and scientific methods of this style of yoga immediately made a strong impression. He is a living example of how health can be transformed through yoga and shares his interests in Yogic Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra & Kirtan.


Tauhara Retreat & Conference Centre
60 Acacia Heights Drive

Check in and registration: Friday 25 Aug from 3pm, dinner at 6pm.
Finish Time: 2pm Sunday 27 Aug

Full Price: NZ$450
Early Bird: 10% discount. Full payment by 26th July 2017

inclusive of 2 nights shared accommodation, delicious meals and all teachings. Please enquire for private accommodation option.

Private Yoga Consultations:
A unique opportunity to receive practices and insights to suit your personality, body type, health challenges and get direction or a personal program, therapeutic applications and health consultations according to your needs. Available by appointment as there will be limited private sessions during the programme.
Available Fri, 26th Aug. Please pre-book on the email below.

Bookings and Information:

PH: +64 (3) 525 9887
EMAIL: yoga at