Join Swami Karma Karuna and the Anahata Team for workshops on a range of yoga topics at the Luminate Festival this summer.

Visit our Anahata stall for a wonderful range of products and join Anahata teachers & residents for inspiring yoga workshops.

Kick Start Yoga - Anahata Yoga Retreat 1.5 hours
TE RA Thursday 8.30AM with Atmabhava
TE RA Sunday 8.30AM with Swami Karma Karuna
Ease yourself into the day with a spot of early morning ME time at this relaxing and uplifting Hatha Yoga session.

Ignite the Inner Fire –Digestive Health & Vitality – Anahata
TOHORĀ Thursday 1PM with Niels Kloumbérg and Atmabhava
Theory and practice to fire up and balance your digestive system, your core phsyically and energetically. Gain insights into modern nutritional and enjoy yoga practices to strengthen and balance your digestive system.

The Power of Sound – Anahata Yoga Retreat
TOHORĀ Thursday 5PM with Atmabhava
Explore the voice as sound resonance and experience Nada (sound) Meditations from the Yogic tradition. Use sound to heal emotional disharmony, the 7 tones of the Chakra's and the mantra OM. Participants will learn the foundations of 'Nada Yoga Meditation', using sound as a form of meditation. 

Havan-Ancient Fire Ceremony Anahata Yoga Retreat
TOHORĀ Friday 6PM with Atmabhava
An ancient Vedic fire ceremony to invoke healing energy as well as harmonize and purify the self and surrounding environment. Make symbolic offerings from the heart space to the fire of transformation.

Sacred Sounds - Kirtan - with Anahata Yoga Retreat, The Gaya Tree and Guest Kirtanists.
TOHORĀ Every evening from Friday to Tuesday at 7PM
Open your heart and clear your head with 'kirtan'. Join Anahata Yoga Retreat and The Gaya Tree Kirtan band every evening 7-8pm for joyful singing and dancing in this uplifting Yoga practice of call-and-response singing of transformative mantras.

Unrooting Impressions: The Science of Yoga Nidra- with Anahata Yoga Retreat
Friday 2.30PM TE RA with Atmabhava
Saturday 3:30 TE RA with Swami Karma Karuna
Sunday 3:30Pm TE RA with Swami Karma Karuna
Monday 2 Pm TOHORĀ with Swami Karma Karuna

The mind is the most perfect super computer and it has an inbox where it stores all the information received through the senses.  The Inbox is overloaded with all kinds of impressions. The science of Yoga Nidra is a systematic, deep relaxation which allows the practitioner to unravel at the cellular level and release tension and impressions stored in the layers of the body and mind. Experience the immediate relaxation and sense of well being while beginning to empty the inbox to create more inner space.

Free Mind, Open Heart - Mindfulness in Everyday Life – with Anahata
TOHORĀ Monday 9AM with Swami Karma Karuna
You cannot always choose the outside circumstances in life, but you can choose HOW you respond to them. Learn meditation tools to manage the mind and emotions, becoming present, free and open in the midst of different life experiences. Bring the feel-good factor off the mat and into daily life activities.

Conscious Relationships – Anahata
TOHORĀ Monday 3PM with Swami Karma Karuna
Life is full of relationships–professional, romantic, family, friends and community. Relationships can be the source of our greatest happiness or biggest challenges. Past conditioning, present views and the relationship with our selves influences how we connect to and communicate with others. Explore your relationship with yourself and yogic practices that assist you in positive communication skills and the ability to remain balanced even when faced with difficult relationships.

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