Yogic Diet

At Anahata, you will get the chance to experience a yogic diet, a vegetarian diet that is based on principles of simplicity, and that supports our being in the process of positive transformation.

A proper diet that is pure, simple and as natural as possible is essential for progress in yoga. If one eats pure food, then the system is revitalized again and again.

Helpful Advice

• Avoid over-eating at meals and snacking when not hungry. Digestion takes a large amount of prana, and the digestive system can easily be overwhelmed by too much food. This leads to inefficient digestion, and it also robs the other bodily functions from much-needed prana.
• Eat when calm. Eating on the run, while driving, watching T.V., etc., also depletes digestive power. This misuse leads to digestive problems and other diseases.
• Eat at fixed times, as both body and mind like this regularity.
• Have a positive attitude when cooking and eating, and avoid eating when feeling angry or stressed. Our state of mind affects the subtle vibration of the food we cook as well as our ability to digest it.

In the ashram, we call food Prasad, which is an offering from the heart. Any kind of food that we prepare to offer someone else is Prasad, as is all food that is offered to us.

Below is a recipe for a favourite Prasad we have on special occasions. Free of all the nasties but, trust us, they still taste great!

Conscious Cookies (Sugar, Dairy, Gluten & Egg Free)

Cooking is all about being creative. Here is a base recipe and a few hints as to what other little goodies you can add. Make them your own expression and enjoy!

200gm almond flour
1 cup coconut
4 tablespoons carob powder
1 teaspoon kelp (fine)
2 cups of dates

Optional Extras
Peanut Butter
Seeds/Nuts, Other fruit
Spices: ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, mixed spice, cinnamon
Cocoa instead of carob, choc drops, carob or chocolate pieces, etc.

Simmer dates in water until they become a soft paste. Combine date paste with all other ingredients, then add water/soya milk until moist enough to roll in balls. Press slightly and bake until just crispy with gooey centre. (15 – 20 minutes at 180 degrees).

Remember: 1 Conscious Cookie is medicine, 2 are food, and 3 are poison!