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We have a wide range of audio CDs, including Yoga Nidra, Meditations, and Music.

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Yoga for Women - Awaken the Inner Shakti CD
With Swami Karma Karuna
This double-CD set for women has over 2 hours of guided practices with an accompanying detailed instruction booklet. The CD leads you through gently energizing postures (asanas), calming breath work (pranayama), Yoga Nidra relaxation, Om chanting & Antar Mouna (Inner Silence) meditations, and Sanskrit mantra chants (Gayatri and Durga Invocation). A highlight is the previously unrecorded “Salute to the Moon” (Chandra Namaskara) series, accompanied by the moving beauty of the Chandra mantras.
Price: NZ$45


Yoga 4 Kidz CD
With Sannyasin Atma Sundari
A special CD for kidz, guided by 12 year old Atma Sundari, including Yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Versatile tracks to suit a variety of ages. It offers children and teens an entry point to the many benefits of yoga, including improved concentration and physical health.
Price: NZ$30


Yoga Solutions for Life – Essential Daily & Deepening Practices
With Swami Karma Karuna
A diverse CD including yoga stretches, breathing practices and a short meditation. The CD is designed for people with a base in yoga to help them to establish a consistent home practice. It includes a complete short daily practice of 27 minutes and options to progressively deepen and extend the practice according to needs and available time.
Price: NZ$30


Tantric Meditations - Seeds of Creation
With Swami Muktidharma, Swami Kailash and Swami Karma Karuna
This unique CD offers different methods to explore the potent seed sounds and their corresponding chakras and nadis. Seeds of Creation is recommended for people with prior experience in meditation and yoga and who have a basic experience of chakra locations. Experience the inherent transformative power of the seed sounds integrated with postures, a vibrational pranayama and two meditations. These practices begin the process of purification and liberation of energy within the chakras, thereby uplifting the entire awareness.
Price: NZ$30

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Tantric Meditations – Steps to Freedom
With Swami Muktidharma
This CD is suitable for complete beginners, and more advanced practitioners have also found it very powerful. The CD includes three meditations and two chants: Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation); Simple Ajapajapa (meditation with breath and mantra, good to create mental focus and relaxation); OM chanting and short Shanti Path (peace chant); Longer Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation); OM chanting and full Shanti Path (peace chant).
Price: NZ$30


Tantric Meditations – Evolving through the Chakras
With Swami Muktidharma
This CD is aimed at practitioners with prior yoga or meditation experience. The first track is Chakra Shuddhi (Chakra purification), used to begin the cleansing process of the psychic centres including use of visualisation, breath, and mantra repetition. The second track is a 35-minute Yoga Nidra that includes all eight stages of the practice, and includes Ajapajapa, breathing up and down the psychic passages in the breath section.
Price: NZ$30


Tantric Meditations – Depths of the Mind
With Swami Muktidharma
This CD includes an intermediate Yoga Nidra, and a practice of the first three stages of Antar Mouna (inner silence) suitable for beginners to intermediate practitioners.
Price: NZ$30
These three Tantic Meditation CDs all have ambient background, composed and performed by internationally renowned musicians Caitlin & Sika.


Surya Namaskar Mantras
With Swami Gautama
This CD includes Sanskrit chants, the Surya Namaskar short (bija) and long (surya) mantras, and a full yoga nidra. The mantras for Surya Namaskar are especially helpful to get you motivated for home practice; simply play the track and 15 minutes later you will have completed six rounds of Surya Namaskar.
Male voice with classical Indian instruments.
Price: NZ$30


Yoga Nidra
With Devamani
This CD includes two practices of Yoga Nidra. The gentle guiding voice of Devamani with music accompaniment guides the practitioner into a relaxed state.
Price: NZ$30


Yoga Class – Asana, Pranayama & Relaxation
Yoga Association of Victoria
This CD includes a 45 minute asana class, 14 minutes pranayama (full yogic breath and alternate nostril breathing), and a 15 minute yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Designed for all levels to develop a regular daily yoga practice.
Price: NZ$30


Pre-Natal Yoga (double CD set)
Yoga Association of Victoria
Beautiful practices for the mother-to-be; nurture mother, nurture baby.
CD1 has pre-natal yoga practices; asanas (postures), a breathing & meditation practice, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
CD2 has chanting for you and your baby
There is also a corresponding book to go with this CD set; click here for details.
Price: NZ$40

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Swami Omteertha
Price: NZ$30


Ananda Lahari
Satyananda Yoga Academy Australasia
Price: NZ$30


Bhajans & Kirtans
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati
Price: NZ$30


Satyananda Yoga Academy Australasia
Price: NZ$30


Early Morning Chanting
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati
Price: NZ$25


Satyananda Yoga Academy Australia
A collection of beautiful and inspirational kirtans.
Price: NZ$30


Tapowan Mantras
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati
Price: NZ$30


Songs of the Soul
Price: NZ$30


Laxmi’s Dream
With Caitlin
These powerful and sacred mantras are from Buddhist, Hindu and Sufi traditions. Great for relaxation or meditation.
Price: NZ$30


Shiva’s Dance
With Caitlin
Sanskrit chants, including Gayatri mantra, Om Namo Bhagavate, and Shiva Shambo.
Price: NZ$30

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Prenatal Yoga Book plus Prenatal Double CD
Price: NZ$55 (save NZ$7, compared to the price of buying these separately)

Surya Namaskar Book plus Surya Namaskar CD
Price: NZ$40 (save NZ$5, compared to the price of buying these separately)

Yoga Nidra Book plus any CD from the Tantic Meditations set
Choose any one of Swami Muktidharma’s ‘Tantric Meditations’ CDs plus the Yoga Nidra Book
Price: NZ$50 (save NZ$5, compared to the price of buying these separately)

Introduction to Yoga Asana and Pranayama Book plus Yoga Class CD
Price: NZ$40 (save NZ$5, compared to the price of buying these separately)

Yoga Education for Children book plus Yoga 4 Kidz CD
Price: NZ$50 (save $NZ10 compared to price of buying these separately).

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